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Sport accomodation in Dedu

Sport accomodation

What sport is concerned, we try to guide the kids for 4 years and at the end of the guidance we need sponsors who can promote their careers to the next level. In the meantime from time to time , most talented athletes go on our website to be spotted by potential sponsors.

Culture training center in Dedu

Training center

With vocational training and their regular school, we endeavor to offer them a decent future. The culture and music , we try to make the local population aware about their rich culture and music, and helping to wrap further. We go into the secondary school to create a music club and try the talented and interested children get a music lessons. We are also looking for people who are retired and for a few weeks or months can give lessons center in training

Health support in Dedu

Share healthcare knowledge

In Dedu there is a health center which serves about 50000 people and they do not have a doctor. The center is run by the nurses and health officers.

It is poorly equipped and they do not have basic diagnostic facilities like an x-ray machine, ultrasound machine and an ECG machine. With our healthcare unit we will promote primary health care trying to transfer the knowledge and experience of the Netherlands and want to be included to gain experience. In the future, we will continue with the government of Ethiopia to talk about the possibility of an internship placement of students in the health centers and a hospital.

Last updates

Sport project 2015-2019

After four years of training, coaching and competitions, the athletics and football project in Dedu has been successfully completed. This project was sponsored by the Sunflowers Foundation, among others.


Tole werd eind februari in India geopereerd en is inmiddels weer in Ethiopië. Haar operatie is wonderwel geslaagd!! We zijn heel blij!!

Reisverslag Dadu-Ethiopie april 2017

Reisverslag Dadu-Ethiopie april 2017

Eind april hebben wij, bestuursleden van de Sunflowersfoundation (SF), waaronder initiatiefnemer Tenna Shiferaw en secretaris Lida Vrij, in Addis Abeba, hoofdstad van Ethiopië, een geweldige partij schoenen en sportkleding kunnen aanschaffen van de opbrengst van de benefietavond!

We zijn vervolgens afgereisd naar Dadu, hemelsbreed zo’n 150 km maar gezien de conditie van de weg wel 6 uur rijden. Lees meer>>

Ethiopische avond

Vrijdag 31 maart 2017 werd er een bijzondere avond georganiseerd door de stichting. Er werden ondermeer heerlijke originele Ethiopische/Eritrese gerechten geserveerd, verfrissende dranken geschonken en op een traditionele wijze vers gebrande Ethiopische koffie bereid. Dit alles in een feestelijke ambiance met bijpassende muziek. De avond was een groot succes! Lees meer>>

Benefiet expositie Matthijs Jeuring

23 Augustus 2015 hield Matthijs Jeuring in de Dynamo Expo te Enschede een benefiet expositie voor de Sunflowers Foundation.

Project news october 2015

Dear Friends of the sunflowers

For the second year again we have organised a football competition on the 1st of October 2015.This time we had a local TV coverage, as usual we have participated more than 100 well talented children, young men and women in our annual athletics and football competitions. We had a large number of spectators from the village and neighbouring districts.We have also managed to create the first ever basketball field in the village. About 100 children are being trained in athletics and football by a sport teacher; most of the children are barefooted and have been running on very hot asphalted road and we have managed to buy shoes for 30 children we have arranged also once a week a lunch for those who are in athletics to support their calorie intake.We are also planning to transform our activity to a sport academy and try to get an official recognition and we hope to announce this by next year.To achieve this and accommodate the needs of our trainees we need your support more than ever.




Project news august 2014

Dear friends of the sunflowers foundation and hababoo guduruu sport club in Ethiopia.

I have been to Ethiopia to visit the sunflowers sport and cultural project.I am very honourd to inform all our friends that the project is doing more than mijn expectation. Children within the range of 12-16 are getting a football and athletics coaching as planned 3x a week.They have the first football and athletics compition in the area.They have organised athletics in 200,800,1500,3000,5000,10000 meters for the adults and children,football compition between the age group  of 12-13 and 14-15 age group .For the athletics competion the athletis came from 4 districts and some of them had excelent time, example for 10 km 28 minutes and like wise.

The footballl competion was won by  the 12-13 age group.For 2014/15 we need the following supports most of the children can not afford schoes en training suite they do not have a store en meeting point and we are planning to raise fund to build a  community center for the young people. We have bought 3 footballs en training suit for the athlets not shoes.We have paid expenses for the coaches and paid the expenses required to organise the competition.The prize wich was prepared by the sunflowers were awarded to the winnars. We have elected a new comité to lead the Sport Club called (The Hababoo Guduru Sport Club)

We have set a date for a competion for 2015 and promised to continue to do wilsht we have been doing and doing more to envolve the parents and the local people. The wooden football pols were a few times stolen and we are planning to change it to a metal pole with is well fixed to the ground but we did not have enough fund.Our plan to make a basketball arena was postpond due to the shortage  of the fund.  in the last 10 months we have achieved

1- well disciplined children the very difficult one became mangable at home,at school and on the pitch
2-They became determind and focused to achieve something with wat they are doing
3-they have football shirts for 4 teams
4-running T shirt en short for 30 athlets
5-they have 5 footballs
6-they have to rent a house for the time being to function as a meeting point,tea room en store for the children
7-they have 3 parttime coaches
8-we have donated music instruments to the local secondary school and they have promissed to set up a music club in coordination with the local government officials

Best regards 


Tenna Shiferaw
General Secretory and Treasury

The new comers the Tykondo team
The footballl compition was won by the 12-13 age group.

Cultural Activities

The center, will be used to organize different cultural events , different workshops on different subjects like music, literature and theater. kinds. We are in the process of setting up a music club at the local secondary school and we have managed to hand over a few music instruments to the director of the school Mr Margaa Gammadaa.


The SF has signed a memorandom of cooperation with sports, cultural and health committee(SCHAC). The committee is organized and supported by the local administrative government of Ababo Guduru district in east Oromia/Ethiopia. Supporting healthcare organizations with training their staff, organizing working holidays, arranging placements, material and financial support to give Health authorities financially by other financially strong institutions to adopt.

There are many old people with cataracts who have no opportunity to do cataract surgery and thereby are needlessly blind. In the future, I may consult with fellow ophthalmologists, or they might want to operate in the village during their holiday.