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Help us to nurture the talents of well talented but disadvantaged children in Ethiopia

How you can help us now

We have the ANBI status.This means your donation is tax-deductable.

Sponsor a child

The Sunflowers Foundation offers you the opportunity to sponsor an underprivileged child! This means that you can sponsor a child for a year through a one-time fee. For 50 euros a child in a year Dedu can be guided in sports and take part in a training course!

A sponsorship makes your donation personal and if you like you will be kept informed of the progress of "your" child. We also offer you the opportunity to come into contact with the child. Think of mail and e-mail or a possible visit to the child in Dedu. The children love this contact. They will know that someone (even if it is in another continent) thinks of them, cares about them, believe in them and support them. This gives the children motivation and inspiration to want to change and to continue to do their best to achieve a promising future! The financial support of one of our children can for € 50.00 per year. You can transfer this amount to the bank account NL68INGB0006232113 of the Sunflowers Foundation stating "Sponsor a child". If you wish to contact your child or have a question please use the form below this page.

Contribute to the Sunflower Foundation

Make a contribution (and get matching funds from your corporation, university or institution).
Donate in somebody's name. For Christmas, weddings, birthdays, give the gift of child sponsorship.
Plan an event with Sunflower Foundation: a dinner, concert, etc. and raise money for the Sunflower Foundation Fund.


We are always looking for people with certain professional experience. In Ethiopia, those with professional experience in education, social work, medicine, sports, activity coaching can lend us valuable aid. Internationally, those with professional experience in fundraising, proposal writing and IT or non-profit administration. On the site a volunteer can give a lesson at the training center


Help In Kind

We are in need of, but not limited to, the following materials: Sport gear, soccer shoes, sportsshoes, music instruments like guitar, flute, drums.

Keeping in mind that it has to be transported and there is an import taxation to be paid if send. Ask us of the possibilities.


Who we are

We are a non-governmental charity foundation founded by Dr. T Shiferaw who is of an Ethiopia origin and other 5 people of Dutch nationality. Our main goal is to nurture, support the talented kids from Africa particularly east Africa. We have been helping about 150 talented children aged (12-16) in a village called Dadu in the central part of Ethiopia. Due to the success of the project we have decided to upgrade the program in to a vocational training. For this purpose we need to build a multifunctional training center and fulfill the needed facilities for the training.

ANBI fiscal nr. 59233184
Bank Account- NL68INGB0006232113
The Sunflowers Foundation
Troelstrakade 51
NL-2531 AA Den Haag
The Netherlands

Why we do this

Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world. Dadu village where our project is located is one of the poorest region of the country and the children of this area 90 % of them are poor and most of the time struggle to stay in school where the vocational training is not given. If you are successful academically your chance of succeeding in your life is very limited.By starting this project we are set out to offer at least for those who are talented to succeed with a bit support. We are on the process of building a small multifunctional cultural and training center. The training center will have a work shop area, classrooms, a multifunctional hall, a cafeteria, one office, two changing rooms and toilets. The children will have on top of the sport and music training they will get a vocational training in:
- Carpentry
- welding and painting courses
- basic computer training
- basic electronics training
- basic bookkeeping training
- occasionally lectures and workshops on different topics
For the vocational training we need some simple and basic machines for the woodwork and metal work, we need a few computers and office materials, some electronics components for the electronics training.

The center will be run by volunteers and the vocational trainers will be invited through social media and letters. The sport trainers will continue with the 3x week training.
The vocational trainers could be local or from abroad, they could be retired one or who have their own job but can take short break to give the training in the center.
There will be a full-time coordinator who will be responsible to run the center and organize the training.
The curriculum will be prepared in due time.
Once the training is up and running we will gradually hand over the center to the community after creating a system of self-sufficiency and self- support. This might take 4-5 years..There will be a proper bookkeeping accounting and auditing- every 6 months there will be a proper financial report about the progress of the project. The money will be spent according to the progress of the project after being evaluated every 3 months.For the construction- a proper contractor will be selected and the money will be transferred gradually according to the progress of the construction step by step.